Bài tập giúp bạn phát hiện lỗi sai

Although (A) the reorganization of the storage system causde some (B) disruption, at first (C) ther were much (D) benefits.

Trong mỗi câu dưới đây có một lỗi sai, các bạn chọn câu trả lời theo A, B, C hoặc D:

Three colleagues from China, who will be conducting research (A) in this country, needs(B) housing in the downtown area (C)from June 7 to July 31.(D)

Because there were only a few applicants (A) for the position, it is expected (B) that Mr. Da Silva will be able to (C) do all the interviewing by itself. (D)
Because some of our (A) existing clients will not requiring (B) our services this season (C), we must increase (D)our marketing efforts.
The executive departments’s plans to move the offices from downtown (A) to a suburban area met with (B) little rsistance; indeed (C), most employees look forward to move (D).
We recognize that (A) many of you (B) have had to put up occasional (C) disruptions in the workplace during (D) our recent renovations.
However (A) we normally close the theater doors after the show (B) begins, latecomers will be seated (C) during the intermission. (D)
ABC Textiles realized (A) a profit of approximately (B) DM 95 million last year, so (C) makes them one of (D) the industry leaders in Germany.
The new brochures describing (A) all our (B) services were deliverded to us late yesterday (C) and were shipped out (D) early tomorrow morning.
The fastest way (A) to get to (B) England from France by car is over the tnnel (C) linking the two countries. (D)
All employee (A) are required to wear (B) their identification (C) badges while (D) at work.
Being (A) sure to complete (B) the evaluation form before (C) you leave (D) the seminar.
The years I spent (A) working with the chldren’s home was (B) the most rewarding (C) of my life. (D)
After (A) checking the features (B) of the X120 computer, we finally ( C) decided to buy the another( D) model.
Although (A) the reorganization of the storage system causde some (B) disruption, at first (C) ther were much (D) benefits.
If (A) clients do not (B) know how respond (C) to a questionnaire item, ask them to circle (D) “I dont’t know”
An increasing (A) number of companies has changed (B) dress codes, allowing employees to wear (C)casual clothing in the work place. (D)
When you send a fax from (A) this machine remember (B) to enter the area code for number (C) that you are dialing.(D)
Before submitting (A) the draft document to the vice president, see that (B) it has been (C) reviewed thorough. (D)
Even (A) we had been (B) behind schedule at (C)one point, the proposal was submitted on time.(D)
The new lounge (A) furniture has arrived and (B) will be in place (C) by the end next week. (D)

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